Who makes it?

Jabari Sauce is a collaboration between two friends, Arian Jalali and me, Pete Yares. Our love for rich spicy flavor started while growing up in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson has a rich culinary history and in 2016 was designated as a UNESCO creative city of gastronomy. As kids of course we didn’t know that we were surrounded by anything special, only that there were many great options to eat at. After high school Arian went to Portland, OR and I went to New York City. It was only after leaving our hometown that we were able to recognize what we had grown up with. 

Both of these cities are amazing places to eat, and with so many great options we tried to zero in on what we couldn’t find from back home. We wanted to combine our newfound flavor delights with the smokey, spicy richness of the Southwest. Years later we found ourselves living in Los Angeles experimenting with hot sauces. After much trial and error I believe we have created one of the finest hot sauces on the market. Today I am based back in my hometown of Tucson and Arian is in LA. We are working hard to bring you all the Jabari Sauce you can handle. I hope you enjoy it!


What are the ingredients?

    Without giving too much away, Jabari sauce contains 3 peppers: Fresno peppers, serrano peppers and habanero peppers. Most people are familiar with serranos and habaneros but Fresno peppers are a little less common. They are often compared to a jalapeno but I find them to be somehow brighter and smokier at the same time. They are the crux of our recipe and as such our mascot Prince Jabari is a Fresno pepper.


    What does it taste like?

    Jabari Sauce is unlike any hot sauce currently on market. I often explain it as a marriage between mexican and louisiana hot sauces. It is smokier and thicker than a Louisiana hot sauce but brighter and more vinegary than a mexican hot sauce. I am the type of hot sauce user that tries to match what I eat with the right sauce and with Jabari sauce there is a wide swath of options for where to use it. From micheladas, to pizza, to tacos, to hot wings Jabari will do you right. I have even made Jabari beef jerky!


    Who can I contact?

    For any inquiries please email Jabarihotsauce@gmail.com